Professional Interpreting Somali Language
2534 Central Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Home- (763)574-7352
Pager (612)480-7269

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Interpreting: Providing excellent interpreting service, and great communitation with your costumers.

Great Community out reach program
work with community in esablishing a superior knowledge over the community. With the growth of the Somali Community we will be here to provide you with excellent service.

New, but very reliable and fast acting. This company was started by a Mr. Jaylani M Hussein in1999 and has succesfully oprated till now, we will like to help you and provide you with great service.

Mr. Jaylani Hussein is formaly the President and Interpreter of this great company.

We will help you with all your needs.

We mostly do Somali interpreting but with the demand for Arabic we can provide Arabic on the basis.
We do all typs of interpreting
- Letters
- Hostpitals
- Lawyers
- Advertisment
- News
- Many Many more.


We are located in Minnapolis Minnesota.
We are on the busy Central Avenue across the Famous Holy Land Resturant.
We serve All regions of Minnesota.
For Imidate service email


Let us help you communitcate with your costomers
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